Your Health

Mercury-Free Dentistry

At Cogliano Dental, safe treatment for our patients is paramount. We meet or exceed all ADA and OSHA codes for infection control including heat and chemical sterilization, barrier protection, and disposable materials. We have minimized the use of latex, and have eliminated the use of dental mercury, dental amalgam, and chemical developing solutions. The office's sterilization protocols have been featured on local TV.
A Focus on Prevention

A Focus on Prevention

Many dental issues are avoidable, ultimately depending on one's oral hygiene. When you first visit our office, we give a thorough assessment of your periodontal health and your hygiene practices. Our dentists and hygienists cater their recommendations and treatment for your specific needs. We will work with you to make sure that your gums are healthy before you make the investment in restorative procedures.

Your Health

Recent research is showing corellations between oral health and other areas such as heart disease and pregnancy. At Cogliano Dental, we stay current with medical developments and will communicate with your physicians if necessary to ensure you recieve the safest treatment.
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